Granite Slab Ottawa – Because Your Home Deserves the Best

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People often use the expression "set in stone” to mean a very solid decision or definite idea, and with good reason. When it comes time to installing kitchen countertops, nothing works quite as well as granite slabs in Ottawa. When deciding to upgrade or install countertops for the first time, buying granite by the slab is a wise choice as it can provide more consistency to the unique patterns that are found naturally in the stone and also cut costs by buying in bulk should you decide to replace countertops in both the kitchen and in the bathroom.
Why Choose Granite Slabs in Ottawa
The main reason to choose granite slabs in Ottawa is really no different than anywhere else – they offer incredible value and distinct beauty while modernizing the home with a long-popular idea. Granite is especially ideal for flooring and countertops in the kitchen or bathroom for a number of reasons such as:
Reliability – There are few things more sturdy than this thick stone and as we see from buildings created hundreds of years ago, granite certainly knows how to stand up to wear and tear over a long period of time. It remains virtually unaffected by weather when used in the construction of buildings and as such is guaranteed to last a lifetime inside the home which does not experience such harsh conditions. When properly cared for, granite slabs will certainly outlast the homeowner – perhaps even several of them.
Sanitation – Granite is a non-porous stone, meaning it does not have the same tiny cracks and imperfections which can be found in other types of renovation materials. This makes it an ideal choice for areas such as the bathroom and kitchen which see more than their fair share of moisture by preventing absorption of liquid. This is especially important in the kitchen as spills from food or drinks can leave behind residue in these cracks which over time can breed germs and other contaminations which are unhealthy for a family. Many bathrooms floors which are constructed entirely of wood will begin to show signs of aging before their time due to the water they come in contact with. That will not only cause the wood to warp, but also the paint to bubble and possibly synthetic tiles to lift, allowing room for mold to begin to take hold.
Beauty – Granite has been a constantly popular stone for hundreds of years and has never gone out of style. As home renovations tend to be costly it is important to get the full money's worth out of them, meaning what is installed not only has to last a long time, but must also stay current and trendy for just as long. Granite has proven itself to be warm and inviting in almost every time period and accentuates the already existing pieces in the room.
Consider adding a granite slab to the floors, countertops, or walls of any room in your home and make a rock-solid investment you can be proud of for many years to come.